Monday, January 27, 2014

New Bridal Kanzashi

It's Polar Vortex II here in the upper Midwestern US! Helen cancelled everything for today to stay in and make stuff, woohoo! Predicted lows for tonight? Somewhere in the -17 to -20 degrees F. range.

So, Helen has been working very hard for the last couple months on her latest project, the Bridal Trunk Show at Third Coast Style , Milwaukee's newest boutique. Third Coast Style is dedicated to selling the work of Milwaukee designers, and is located in our downtown's Fashion District. The trunk show goes from February 12th to March 2nd, and features the work of 14 designers.

So, I just wanted to show you some of these newer bridal things that you may not have seen yet. First, here's a large cream and beige kanzashi rose that Helen made from some silk charmeuse she got from Patrice....

....and here's a sort of stylized lotus of shantung silk that Lannette gave to Helen a while ago.....

Here's the bridal peony Helen just finished today, from ivory habutai and green moire....

......and reminiscent of the peony, here's the newest version of Helen's Yorkshire Rose.....

Finally, something older that I haven't posted here before, but is something of an achievement of Kanzashi engineering, as it coaxes a teardrop shaped crystal bead to stand on its end.....

There's plenty of other stuff, of course. Less rewarding than creating the designs is coming up with effective display, which is the next project. Let's all wish Helen some luck here, as it is not her strongest ability!


  1. Hmmm, I just posted a comment, but it seems to have disappeared.

    I'll try again if I see that this one goes through.
    :-) Joana

  2. Ok, since that one worked, here's what I meant to post before...

    I enjoyed this post and especially loved the stylized lotus! And here's an idea for your display (or at least part of it!) You could get some fake orchid plants, cut off the fake blooms and replace them with some of your Kanzashi hair flowers clipped on...might lend an Asian look and exotic flair to your presentation.

    I hope you get a respite from the cold soon!

    XOX - Joana

    1. Thanks, Joana! I'm slowly figuring out the design puzzle, and Patrice gave me some ideas today. It's a lot of detailed work, even after all the sewing is said and done!