Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kanzashi Fun with Blogs

Helen started working again with these people , so her time has gotten a little more limited for creative work. Luckily, she gets to bask in a little recognition that's been happening recently!

Helen's friend Joana featured some of Helen's hair accessory designs in this whimsical little blog post . Joana knows Helen from the musical world. A few years back, Joana became a goldsmith, and began producing award-winning designs. While she currently has left jewelry design behind (we hope temporarily!) she has become quite a sophisticated fashion illustrator, and she sells her fun drawings as prints and cards here .

What else? During the summer, a young woman blogger in LA emailed Helen, asking to review some of her work. Helen sent Christine a few things, and Christine took some wonderful photos. The full review isn't up yet, but the sneak peak is here .

I can't leave you without posting some kanzashi pictures, however. Helen is selling her kanzashi necklaces at her neighbor Terry's store (one of them already sold!!!) and Helen took a few photos, luckily. What have we got?

Here's a little number in dupioni silk with a pink jade bead...

....another dupioni one with carnelian....

....and a couple in kimono silk from Helen's kanzashi fairy godmother in Japan; this Christmas-y one with yellow jade....

...and this salmon shades one with a sort of off-color carnelian bead....

Next: Helen made a kanzashi bobby pin in chiffon that she would love to show you. She's going to make another one in the same design, only a little smaller. Sorry, you're going to have to wait.


  1. Hi Helen,

    Thanks so much for the "link love!" I also very much enjoyed seeing the preview of Christine's blog post about you (and what a great picture of your Kanzashi flower!)

    I hope things are going well at the MSO and with you in general.

    Gotta run now -
    :-) Joana