Friday, September 13, 2013

New Necklaces

Sorry for such a hasty post! We've been pretty busy, but I wanted to just check in. Helen's experience at the dog walk last month was just terrible. She and Kas sold exactly 2 items each, including the things they sold to each other! Most sellers were disappointed, but anyway, life goes on. There will be more shows, in fact, there's one tomorrow!

Helen's friend Angela invited her to share a tent at a block party on Milwaukee's East Side. This fair goes into the night-time hours, so Helen has been busily getting her lighting options together. And I thought I would just quickly show you a few of her new kanzashi necklaces that she'll be showing tomorrow.

First, there's a one-of-a-kind fall colors one, made from vintage kimono silk and carnelian... is a pink dupioni silk flower with a glass bead. The petal shape here is Helen's invention...

Next is another one-of-a-kind item. Well, not completely, because Rebecca bought one just like it, but there's really no more fabric left, so it's sort of an exclusive. This one is vintage kimono silk with an onyx bead...

Also! Helen's neighbor Terry is a co-owner of Magpie Jewelry in Wauwatosa, WI. Terry loves Helen's kanzashi necklaces, and she is going to sell them at the store! Terry is very optimistic about them, which makes us happy. Helen is hoping to make a lot more of these.

OK, I gotta go. Helen is going to a party tonight, and has a special order to start from an Etsy customer. Later!


  1. Sadie, you keep me entertained :-) Please tell Helen "hi" and that I'm glad she is so busy.

    XOX - J

    1. Thanks, Joana! I'll tell her as soon as I see her again. She left me alone all day while she sat at her stupid show, then she came home, unloaded her car, and left again to go to Rebecca's to socialize. Has she played with me? Oh, maybe 2 minutes.

  2. Hi to Helen, tell her the necklaces are lovely. Good luck with future shows.

    1. Thanks, Isabell! I will let Helen know. She just had a new hare-brained idea to add a variation to them that some people might like. It might turn into a future blog post. We'll see!