Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kanzashi Bracelet(s)?

Why all the doubt? Helen had been talking about kanzashi bracelets for a long time, and had ideas about how she was going to put them together, what kind of flowers and fabric to use, etc. Now, she doesn't know whether to continue making these, and she NEEDS YOUR HELP.

Here's what she did: she bought some of those extra large hair elastic thingies at the dollar store. For a dollar. She made 6 of her hydrangea flowers, and attached them to said hair elastic. Here's what she got:

OK, you get the idea. Here's a shot where you can sort of see how she attached the flowers:
So, here's the question, dear readers and commenters. Does it look too much like a fancy hair scrunchy? Helen just doesn't know if she should invest more time and energy into these. It might just need a good model, someone with really nice nails who is also photogenic, like Rebecca. 
Helen posted a photo on the face books and asked people what they thought; nobody said a word. Same thing on Flickr: one person said she liked it (thanks, Carly!). Folks, we desperately need more opinions, so give ol' Helen a break here, and tell her whether you think this project is worth pursuing some more. Don't be afraid to say that you don't care for it, OK? It's all right. We are just mired in doubt and need some guidance from design-conscience people, like you!


  1. Hi Helen,

    I think you are very smart to keep thinking outside of the box with your Kanzashi creations! A bracelet does sound like a good idea, but I think I agree with you on this design looking a little too much like a scrunchy that hasn't yet made it onto the ponytail.

    What about looking for some plastic (or other material) cuffs, and then affixing a Kanzashi centerpiece to the top of the cuff? This page of leather cuffs might provide some inspiration...

    XOX - Joana

  2. Thanks, Joana, I'll check it out and look around!