Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Necklaces and a Pin

Helen and I have both been very busy, of course, but we found time to make a few things in between working, trying to garden a little in this very cold weather, and trying to organize a few reviews of Helen's new recording (check out the super sexy new press release and a couple tunes here). To begin with, Helen made her first nanohana.

Nanohana is the flower of the rape plant. Despite its unfortunate English name, rape is a very tasty vegetable, and I understand its seeds are also useful! Nanohana is a kanzashi flower for March, and is usually portrayed in clusters. Helen just made one as a pendant from vintage kimono silk with a wonderfully crinkly texture...

Buy the necklace here. What else? A colorful little star-shaped flower from the remains of a beautiful silk blend jacquard that Helen's friend J9 gave her.....
....a red habotai flower with yellow jade..... it here  . And finally, a flower that just had to be a brooch, made from an old silk scarf that J9 gave to Helen...
We just love the colors. It will probably end up in a gallery. We can see making some ume or plum flower pendants from this fabric.
OK, that's all for the moment. Soon, kanzashi bracelets.

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