Sunday, April 5, 2015

News and Stuff

So, it's been around 3 months since I've posted anything at all, I understand. Well, Helen has had quite the schedule of heavy lifting working for these people . That's mostly it, no other excuses. I'm enjoying my afterlife's fun. I don't know why some humans call it the Rainbow Bridge....I don't see any bridges or rainbows. Just lots of nice cats, all of whom I like, and plenty of mice for if you're hungry.

I thought I would post a few newsy items since well, kanzashi productivity has been down some. Helen contacted this gal Sara on the Instagrams....Sara lives in New York and likes to wear men's clothing, and she blogs about it here . Sara has a great big following, and Helen was very happy that Sara was interested in modeling a couple kanzashi lapel flowers. Here's a photo of the first one that Sara chose.....

Gordon Rush - Ariam Geffrard

Here's another one.....


Dapper, no? Check it out on Sara's website for more pix!

Meanwhile, Helen's friend Angela was cleaning out her sewing space, and offered fabric remnants to all interested parties on the Facebooks! Helen grabbed a small bag of African cotton prints. Here are a few of her new African cotton lapel flowers:

Lapel Flower Pin: Yellow African Cotton

Men's Lapel Flower Pin: Red African Cotton Kanzashi Includes Shipping to US

Men's Lapel Flower Pin: Yellow African Cotton Kanzashi Includes Shipping to US

There's more, but we'll save it. There are other folks on Instagram who have offered their photography and modeling services.....we'll be posting more of these as they come to fruition. Meanwhile, here are a few more new fun lapel flowers!

Lapel Flower Pin: Kanzashi Daffodil Includes Shipping to US

Lapel Pin Flower: Kanzashi Apple Green Includes Shipping to US

Men's Lapel Flower Pin: Kanzashi Colorful Kimono Silk Includes Shipping to US

Lapel Flower Pin: Maroon Marsala Silk Kanzashi Includes US Shipping

Buy 'em all here !

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