Friday, July 12, 2013

Kanzashi Bracelets, Part Deux

So, a couple posts ago, Helen was unsure about a bracelet she had just made. She sort of liked it, but thought it looked an awful lot like a hair scrunchy. She asked for feedback from her millions of loyal readers. Helen's pal Joana agreed that it looked like a scrunchy that hadn't quite made it to the ponytail......Helen had been dwelling in Unsuccessful Design Land. Joana suggested checking out some cuff bracelets.

After flirting with the idea of a variety of materials, Helen checked out the lace cuff bracelets that can be found on Etsy. There are many beautiful ones.....some of simple tatted lace, some shabby chic ones using a few different lace fragments, some with button closures, ribbon closures, chain closures....lots of beautiful things. None with kanzashi.

So, after lots of tries, Helen came up with something we think is sort of sexy. It is a simple lace cuff with a kanzashi flower and some tiny leaves, with a ribbon closure. Here are some pix:

Thanks to Helen's friend Rebecca for modeling! The flower is a blush pink satin, the leaves are a pale green moire, and there's a vintage faux pearl sewn into the center. Here's the back....

An organdy ribbon is strung through two handsewn buttonholes....take a look at the Etsy listing here for larger, clearer photos. Also if you want to buy it!

We think this cuff is nice for bridal occasions, but also for dressy summer events, like your next garden party. You go to garden parties, right? Rebecca asked for one with a black flower, and Helen is thinking about making one from black lace for the Goth kids. Goth girls wearing kanzashi....that would be something, wouldn't it?

So anyway, here are a few more bracelet ideas that other kanzashi makers have come up with. First, one of our favorite kanzashi artists, Polished Kanzashi on Etsy has this beautiful chirimen silk assemblage on a metal wristband....

Here's a less formal one; a colorful, cute flower with a button center on an elastic band from Keating Kreations on Etsy.....

...and here's a lovely green plum blossom on an adjustable band, that can double as a headband or choker from Magpie Creations ......

So, those are the bracelets I found to show you. In the kanzashi world, there aren't many of them yet, it seems. Helen likes her new design, and unlike the last one, is willing to put the time into making more of them.


  1. Brilliant, Helen! I very much like the direction you went, and think the black lace "Goth" version will be very popular, too. Can't wait to see it!

    And thanks for the "plug", too. :-)

    Ciao dearie,

    1. Thanks, Joana! Now that I will soon have a little more time (album release events almost over) I will be able to make more of these. This one took forever, but I imagine and HOPE that the next ones will be a lot quicker. And it seems like I haven't done any sewing for maybe 2 weeks.

      Hope you're enjoying Saratoga!