Friday, January 11, 2013

Kanzashi Headbands

Happy New Year! It's January, and I'm cold, but I'm continuing to feel better, even playing every day with twist ties and a funny ball that rolls in unexpected ways. Boy, I wasn't interested in that last fall! I still hate the subcutaneous fluids that Helen has to give me twice a week, but at least she has found ways to make me more comfortable....making the fluid warmer, and so forth.

Helen decided to start the new year with her first kanzashi headbands. They are both intended to evoke the image of the crown of laurel leaves that a Greek goddess would wear, or something. Here's one in black dupioni silk.....

Dupioni silk works beautifully for this kind of leaf design. Since rounded flower petals in dupioni can get a bit squooshed, Helen decided to layer them, for added oomph. 

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