Monday, October 1, 2012

Uh-Oh, Film Festival...

So, Helen is into cinema. Not distractedly so, but she likes a good movie, and is drawn to indie films. When the Milwaukee Film Festival happens, all bets are off. She goes to as many films as she can, and deciding which ones to view is a momentous decision, requiring all sorts of study, schedule juggling, checking of Netflix, etc., etc. Last year, Helen was busy making stuff for a gallery (which sold almost nothing) during the festival, so she missed the entire thing. This year, I suspect little or no kanzashi will be made. It's going to be work, eat, sleep, watch movies. I shall not be partaking, as there aren't any films about cats, so why would I care?

Meanwhile, I thought I'd post an oddity that Helen made a while ago. Back when Helen first started making hair accessories, her friend Marcia commissioned a matching Tudor Rose hair clip and boutonniere as a wedding present for some hardcore Ren Faire junkies. Helen didn't even know about kanzashi back then, and made everything using singed fabric. Here's what she came up with:

Not too bad I guess, but check out the latest kanzashi version of the same thing:

Whaddya think? Better? Helen's friend Irene bought one of these, and she particularly liked the way the kanzashi flower appeared to be "carved", which is the way Tudor Roses in England are frequently found. To read more about it (or buy it!) check out the Etsy listing here

So, um, I don't know how much time I'll have to post for the next couple weeks....uh, I'm a very busy cat, you know.

UPDATE: This item has been in a few Etsy treasuries, but here's a new one specifically about the War of the Roses


  1. Fascinating, Helen! Seeing these two Tudor roses side-by-side is sort of like seeing a 2D work of art, followed by the 3D sculpture it inspired. Both have merits, too!

    :-) Joana

    1. And both were difficult to make! So many details....tell you what though, the kanzashi one was a probably a little easier, just because it's a much better way to control the size and shape of things. Thanks for commenting!